A Dog's Life is the seventh episode of the second season.


Schemer finds Ginny's lost dog and gives it to the kids so he is temporarily taken care of by them.

Cast and Characters

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The Flexitoon Puppeteers

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Thomas Stories

James is incredibly hostile and rude to Toby and Henrietta by calling them dirty objects, and he soon gets what he deserves when the foolish freight cars push him into a train of tar tankers, making him the dirty object.

Gordon gets dirty and soon understands what it means to be clean and sensible. Later, James has trouble climbing Gordon's hill because of the leaves on the rails, so Gordon has to help him.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Home on the Range


  • It is revealed that Mr. Conductor can speak to animals, just like his cousin before him.
  • Richard Yearwood guest stars as the Customer in this episode. He would later become known to be the voice actor of Donkey Kong in the computer animated series Donkey Kong Country.
  • Another version of the Jukebox Band's song in this episode was filmed, but was not used until Lullaby was produced and released.
  • Both Thomas stories involve an engine getting dirty.
  • The Thomas stories are listed in reverse order in the end credits.


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