A Jukebox Lullaby is an episode of The Jukebox Band, a home video spin-off of Shining Time Station.

This video features five songs from Season 1, five songs from Season 2, and three songs from Season 3.


The Jukebox Band and JJ Silvers cannot sleep, so they sing songs to help them relax.



  1. Union Train from Just Wild About Harry's Workshop
  2. Cowboy Medley from How the Station Got Its Name
  3. Home on the Range (Second/Lullaby Version)
  4. Railroad Corral from Pitching In and Helping Out
  5. Beautiful Dreamer from Mr. Conductor's Big Sleepwalk
  6. The Railroad Cars Are Coming from All's Fair
  7. Red River Valley from Mapping it Out
  8. Train is a-Comin' from Ring in the Old
  9. Riddle Song from Do I Hear
  10. Clementine from Things that Go Ga-Hooga in the Night
  11. Cumberland Gap from Washout
  12. I Dream of Jeannie from He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
  13. Lullaby Medley from Stacy Forgets Her Name


  • The scene of the band members wishing each other good night is a possible refernece to the popular sitcom "The Waltons". 


A Jukebox Lullaby/Gallery

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