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A Place Unlike Any Other is the series premiere of Shining Time Station.


Mr. Conductor is admiring the old station when he hears voices and disappears. The voices are Stacy and Matt, who are walking into the station through its entrance as Stacy is showing Matt around the old station, including the arcade and ticket desk. Stacy dreams of having the place as good as new with passengers bustling about. Mr. Conductor appears when Matt begins to dust around his house in the mural, telling him he seems like a good worker, just like his friend Thomas the Tank Engine. He then proceeds to tell Matt a story about Thomas when he was station pilot.. Later, Harry arrives and Stacy shows him the new workshop. Harry is impressed as he's never had his own workshop before. Matt tries to help Harry out, but Harry sends him off. Mr. Conductor reappears and tells Matt about Edward, who reminds him that small jobs are important. Later, Harry decides to stay at Shining Time and Tanya is happy as she can play with Matt. Harry then asks Matt to get his toolbox, making him happy. After Stacy asks him why he decided to stay, Harry replies that there's just something about the place.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Flexitoon Puppeteers

Guest Stars

  • Richard Stillman as The Banjo Player

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Thomas the Tank Engine Characters

Thomas Stories

Thomas is a cheeky little shunting tank engine who works at a Big Station on the Island of Sodor. Thomas thinks that no engine works as hard as he does, and loves playing tricks on the other engines, particularly Gordon the Big Engine. But when Thomas’ jokes go too far one day, Gordon decides it’s time to get back at him. Gordon seizes the opportunity when Thomas is late to arrange the Express, and makes a mad dash out of the station before Thomas can be uncoupled! Poor Thomas is taken for a very long and very fast journey along the main line, after which, Gordon is confident that he has learned his lesson. After having a long drink of water, Thomas decides that maybe he doesn't have to tease Gordon to feel important.

Edward is sad because he hasn’t been out for a long time. The other engines are all bigger and stronger, and favored over him, until one day, the Driver notices how sad he is and decides to take him out for a run. But Gordon still thinks he’s superior to Edward, and boasts about how grand he’ll look when he rushes through the yard with the Express, only to appear later with a dirty freight train! Later still, Gordon stalls on a hill and Edward has to push him and his train over the top, with very little thanks as Gordon goes speeding off on his own, leaving Edward far behind. Despite feeling unappreciated, Edward gets his reward when his driver promises him a smart new coat of paint!

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  • Both "Thomas Gets Tricked" and "Edward Helps Out" are referred to by their UK titles ("Thomas and Gordon" and "Edward and Gordon" respectively) in the end credits.