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Achoo is the sixth episode of the second season.


Dan, Kara and Becky set up a table of glasses of water to hear different musical scales, after giving a demonstration Mr. Conductor arrives sniffling a lot as he speaks. After he tells a story for them he begins to sneeze, the others advise him to rest but he takes their concern lightly thinking his magic could just cure him of his cold. Unaware his magic is spreading as he sneezes Mr. Conductor leaves as the children discover some of his magic spread to their cups of water which give Billy and Stacy difference voices after they drink some. This leads the kids to try bring Mr. Conductor back to fix things. 

Mr. Conductor's magic continues to cause chaos to the station, as Schemer falls for a talking balloon who compliments his hair and J.B. King's voice changes to a little girls voice once he drinks some of the tainted water. The kids feel the only way to bring back Mr. Conductor is to play his favourite song on the JukeBox which goes as planned until towards the end of the song as The JukeBox Band begin to increase speed causing the JukeBox to shake. Mr. Conductor returns looking and sounding worse than ever as he fixes everything in the station. Mr. Conductor learns that he should have taken their concerns to heart as he is sicker than earlier. The children look after him by making him a bed from a shoe box. Later Schemer sees the shoe box thinking it's a present only to find it's empty. Mr Conductor is now in better health after good well earned rest.

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Thomas Stories

Bertie becomes angry about large potholes on the road on account of the railway never delivering the tar to mend them. Thomas promises to help Bertie out, but not before falling victim to a cruel joke – James pretends to be ill, leaving Thomas to do his work with the freight cars. The cars, feeling spiteful, push Thomas onto the wrong line, finishing up in a muddy pond.  Edward arrives to help him out, who becomes aware of the missing tar after Thomas mentions it. Edward promises to have the tar delivered straight away. Soon after, James apologizes to Thomas for his accident and Bertie comes to thank Thomas for remembering about the tar.

Gordon rants on about Henry being rebuilt and says he whistles too much.  Henry becomes sad, but the tables turn when Gordon’s whistle suddenly whistles loudly and out of control.  Henry has the last laugh, but the following day while pulling a passenger train, a group of boys throw stones at him from an overhead bridge, breaking his coaches’ windows.  Henry passes the same bridge later that afternoon, this time “sneezing” at the naughty boys by blowing thick black smoke high above to them.  Once again, Henry has the last laugh and goes home happy.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Freight Cars
  • Bertie
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Duck (does not speak)
  • The Stone-dropping Boys (do not speak)
  • Annie and Clarabel (cameos)

Jukebox Band Segment Song

Songs and Cartoons

  1. Jack Frost
  2. Woody Woodpecker: Pantry Panic
  3. Summertime
  4. Disney: The Winged Scourge


  • In the Fox Family Version: 
    • The scene where the Jukebox Band thought the kids were calling out Tito's name was cut out.
    • The Story of Lil' Sneezer was cut out.
    • Billy's line after Mr. Conductor said he could just make his cold go away with his magic was shortened.
    • The scene with JB King was cut out.
    • The scene where the kids thought Mr. Conductor turned into a penguin was cut out.
    • The song, Caring was cut out.
    • A scene of the station clock after Mr. Conductor falls asleep was cut out.
  • When Mr. Conductor first appears, he's a bit bigger than usual.