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Agree to Disagree is the seventh episode of the first season of Shining Time Station.


Matt wants to read a book, but Tanya wants him to play, and so they get into an argument. Mr. Conductor reminds them to get along. Schemer helps by giving them boxes to play with. Both build separate forts, which causes more trouble. Harry reminds Tanya that everyone is different. At last, they realise that they can do different things and still be friends.

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Thomas Stories

One autumn day, Thomas meets Terence the Tractor and he teases him about his caterpillar tracks, thinking them ugly.  Winter later comes with heavy snow, and Thomas is required to wear his heavy, uncomfortable snowplow.  He bumps and bangs all day long, until it needs to be taken off for urgent repair.  The following day, the Driver and Fireman find they cannot fix it in time, and Thomas has to do without his plow - much to his delight and relief.  But when Thomas runs into a deep snowdrift and gets stuck, he soon finds that both his snowplow and Terence are really useful after all!  Terence pulls Thomas free of the snowdrift and Thomas thanks his new friend and his special caterpillars.

Bertie the Bus challenges Thomas to a race to see who‘s the fastest.  During the race, Thomas faces obstacles such as stations, signals and a slow start.  Bertie, on the other hand, has bus stops, traffic lights and level crossings.  When it’s all said and done, Thomas reaches the finish line and wins the race.  Nonetheless, Thomas and Bertie become best friends and keep each other very busy.


  • Thomas
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Terence
  • Bertie
  • Troublesome Trucks (cameos)
  • Farmer Finney (cameo)
  • Mrs. Kyndley (cameo)
  • The Ffarquhar Stationmaster (cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Abilene

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  • The Bend-ems figure of Schemer is modeled after his appearance in this episode.
  • Footage from Path of a Giant and Portrait of a Railroad and the Transcontinental Railroad.


  • Harry tells Tanya that Mike was her age when they met. However, Harry meant that they were both young men when they met.