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Becky Makes a Wish is a VHS featuring a third season episode and a Schemer Presents! episode.


ALL ABOARD! For fun and friendship at Shining Time Station! Becky's wishes create out of the ordinary excitement... and she gets more than she could ever imagine. Mr. Conductor leaves behind his magical wishing star and soon everything is topsy-turvy. Schemer becomes Stacy, Stacy becomes Schemer, the Mayor is flying and Midge Smoot has zipped her lip. It's up to Becky to help her friends get Shining Time Station back in order before J.B. King arrives for an important inspection. Along the way, Becky learns it is really up to you to make your own wishes come true.


  1. Becky Makes a Wish
  2. Schemer Presents!: How to Clean Up Your Room

Thomas Story


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