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Billy's Party is the seventh episode of the third season.


It's Thanksgiving and Billy is very busy. He has to go get Schemer who has been stranded on a train, drive Ginny to buy dinner and join some friends.


Main Cast

The Flexitoon Puppeteers

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Thomas Story

Thanksgiving is approaching, and Thomas is excited to be delivering letters and parcels to his friends in the Mountain Villages. However, he is sad to be pulled out of deliveries to do another job - leaving Percy to pull all the mail cars himself. However, Percy soon learns that the village is cut off by deep snow, and the villagers need help. He hurries back to the airfield to rouse Harold, and soon finds Thomas and Terence on their way with a gang of workmen to help save the day. Toby and Harold do their bit too by delivering Thanksgiving food for everyone, and the villagers are very grateful. That night, they decide to repay the engines by decorating Tidmouth Sheds from top to bottom just in time for Thanksgiving, and give the engines a very special surprise when they wake the next morning!
  • NOTE: This episode was originally a Christmas themed one, titled "Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure", in the original UK version of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.

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  • We Gather Together

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  • Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure is listed in the credits "Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure" as the UK title.