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Billy's Runaway Train is the ninth episode of the third season.


The station organizes a play about Casey Jones.

Meanwhile Billy and Mr. Conductor take the non-stop train to Snarleyville but when the controls are stiff and another train is coming on the same track, Stacy has to pull the switch to save the trains.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

The Flexitoon Puppeteers

Guest Cast


Thomas Story

Diesel told lies about Duck and caused him to be sent to Edward’s station. Kind Edward knows the lies aren’t true. Duck helps Edward all day with more freight cars. When the days work is over Duck enjoys coasting down Gordon's Hill. But Edward’s cars break away and chase him down the hill. So much for a peaceful coasting down the hill, Duck stops a nasty accident but ends up in a Barbershop. Non the less Sir Topham Hatt's honor for Duck’s bravery. He has sent Diesel packing and as soon as Duck is mended, he is going home to the yard.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Freight Train Blues


  • It is revealed that Tex and Rex used to work in a music box.
  • This is the only regular half-hour episode that features scenes taped outdoors.
  • The train that appears in this episode appears again in the Family Special episode, "Queen for a Day", "Second Chances", and "Billy's Party".
  • This is the final episode to feature Billy as the main star.
  • "A Close Shave for Duck" has been given its UK title, simply known as "A Close Shave", in the credits.
  • Rick Sigglekow appears as an audience member during the play.