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Bully for Mr. Conductor is a VHS featuring a third season episode and a Schemer Presents! episode. The video was released on February 16, 1994.


ALL ABOARD! As a Big Bully comes to Shining Time Station and strong-arms everyone!

When Stacy goes to the Chubby Corners Station to help out, J.B. King comes to be Station Manager at Shining Time. Wish J.B. King is his nephew Buster, ready to play with Dan and Becky. But the visit doesn't go as smoothly as J.B. expects when Buster turns out to be a bully and intimidates the kids. Mr. Conductor to the rescue, as he helps Dan learn how to handle a bully. When Dan stands up to Buster, he learns a bully only acts tough when he knows he can get away with it - so Dan gives him a "dose of his own medicine" and Buster backs down.

Everyone has an encounter with the bully - Schemer gets threatend, the Juke Box Band gets all shook up, and Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends meet up with a bully too! Join the entire game plus special surprises exclusive to home video for another fun, classic episode.


  1. Bully for Mr. Conductor
  2. Schemer Presents!: How to Share

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