Channel 2 is a television network in New Zealand. It was created in 1975 under the name TV2, and was renamed South Pacific Television in 1976, TV2 again in 1995, and finally TVNZ 2 in October 2016. The network is famous for a short cartoon presented before midnight called "Goodnight Kiwi", which featured a kiwi and his pet cat closing up the TVNZ station before heading up to the satellite dish for bed.

The second and third seasons of Shining Time Station aired on this channel in New Zealand throughout the 1990s. For the episode Mr. Conductor's Fourth of July, the Patriotic Medley was replaced with John Henry from Crackpot to avoid American references. The card for "Patriotic Medley" was even replaced with that for "John Henry" in the episode's end credits.


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