Crackpot is the eleventh episode of the second season.


Kara accidentally breaks the teapot of Stacy's old tea set when Schemer sneaks up on her. Stacy, knowing how valuable it was, is upset about it.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Flexitoon Performers

Guest Starring

  • Johnny Toronto as Juggler/Customer

Mentioned Characters

Thomas Stories

Summertime has come to the Island of Sodor. Workers cut the dead grass in a field. They load the fresh hay into freight cars brought by Percy. Toby then took the hay filled cars to the hills for farmers to feed their livestock with. Percy continued to give Thomas a hard time over the ghost fiasco. Thomas was already fed up with Percy for being late all the time. He snapped back at Percy by calling him an ugly green caterpillar. When Percy goes to the harbor a crate of sticky stuff gets dropped on top of him. He had to head back threw the field of hay during high winds. The wind blew straw onto the tracks which made the rails slippery and caused Percy to stall. When Percy finally goes back to the station, he looked like a green hairy caterpillar with all that straw stuck to him. His driver more kindly described Percy as a woolly bear. Thomas and Toby could not stop joking about it.
Henry’s favourite place on Sodor is the forest; it’s quiet and peaceful and full of wonderful tall trees. But a big storm damages the forest, forcing many trees to be felled. Henry becomes depressed and the other engines feel sorry for him, but they cheer up when Sir Topham Hatt has new young trees ready for replanting.  Toby, Terence and Trevor work hard helping to rebuild the forest.  Afterwards, Henry feels much better now the forest has been restored.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • John Henry


  • For the second time, Becky wears the same blouse that she wore in "Oh, What a Tangled Web", and which was previously worn by Tanya back in "Does it Bite?", "Impractical Jokes", and "Is This the End?".
  • Both Thomas stories involve a green engine and some form of plant.
  • This is the first episode to use the disclaimer "Shining Time Station is partially funded by Quality Family Entertainment's self-supporting activities" at the end of the credits.
  • In the Nick Jr. version, the story, Woolly Bear is cut out.


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