Dan's Big Race is the twentieth episode of the third season.


Dan cannot participate in a bicycle contest because his bike is broken. Mr. Conductor cheers him up by telling him a story about Henry and the Flying Kipper.

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Thomas Stories

Henry is having trouble making steam, and with all the problems, Sir Topham Hatt is at a loss in what to do with him. The problem is because Henry's firebox is small when compared to the other engines', and with the poor lot of coal his crew has, they decide to try Welsh coal to see if it will help. It did, and Henry is able to make steam without any trouble.

Henry is pulling the Flying Kipper, a train that carries fish. It is snowing terribly, and because the switches were frozen and the snow forced the danger signal down, Henry crashes into a freight train. Sir Topham Hatt, aware that the accident was not Henry's fault at all, decides to send him to Crewe where he would be rebuilt with a new shape and a larger firebox, which means he will no longer need special Welsh coal. When Henry comes home, he feels like a new engine and could not feel any more happier with a new body and the ability to work harder than ever.

Jukebox Band Song Segment

  • Michael, Row the Boat Ashore

Cartoon and Songs


  • A person, who is probably one of the crew members working on this show, puts a nickel in the jukebox.
  • In the Nick Jr. version, the Jukebox Band segments are edited out, along with Mr. Conductor and Dan's high five.
  • This is Schemee's last appearance in the half-hour episodes. His next appearance would be in Second Chances, where he'll have gone through puberty.


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