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"Mr. Conductor!.... Don't tell anyone you saw me dancing."
"I won't tell anyone. Cross my heart! But why won't I tell anyone?"
"W-well, I don't want people to see me dancing, because, because boys don't dance."
"Oooh, you're worried about breaking the rules.
— Dan and Mr. Conductor

Dance Crazy is the eighteenth episode of the third season.


Ginny helps Schemer practice for a dance contest. Dan is shy to dance in front of people because he is afraid that the girls, Becky and Kara, will tease him.

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Thomas Story

The big tender engines were allowed to come out again while Edward, Percy, and Thomas went off to play on the branch line for a few days. Edward had warned Percy to be careful on the mainline. He had warned Percy to whistle when he came to a signal to let the signalman know he was there. Percy carelessly forgot. He almost caused a major accident when he found himself in the way of Gordon with the express. Gordon stopped just in the nick of time and Percy ran away from the scene.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Orange Blossom Special

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  • This is the second episode in which the Jukebox Band segment is instrumental, with the first being "Whistle While You Work".
  • This is the only episode where the Jukebox Band never speek.