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Do I Hear is the eighteenth episode of the second season.


Stacy announces to the kids that the station is closed for the day, as she and Billy have business to take care of in Snarleyville, so they have to leave as well. However, the kids pretend to leave, but actually hide, so when Stacy and Billy leave, the three kids return.

Just then Schemer, who's still around, finds a phony nickel in one of his arcade machines, and attempts to use it in his jukebox. The jukebox puppets respond by discontinuing their musical service, causing Schemer to think it's broken. As he summons a repairman, Mr. Conductor questions why the kids opted to defy Stacy and Billy, telling a story of a young train who thought she knew better than the older engines.

A repairman (who resembles a certain famous performer) manages to retrieve the slug from the jukebox, and get it working again, and gives Schemer a bill for $11.85. Schemer is overwhelmed with this amount, and becomes desperate to earn extra money. He ultimately opts to hold an auction and sell some of the things at the station to raise funds.

As Schemer prepares for his auction, Mr. Conductor then tells the kids another story about taking action without looking.The auction commences, but, much to the kids' horror, Schemer is selling things like Stacy's hat, Billy's flute, and Mr. Conductor's whistle. The kids find themselves with no choice but to call Snarleyville.

The situation becomes desperate, but the repairman, now wearing a gold-colored suit, suddenly appears out of nowhere, and gives Dan some money, allowing him to buy the things before anyone else does. Billy and Stacy then arrive and announce the auction is over, and all the items are claimed back. The kids then apologize to Billy and Stacy to defying them.

Stacy confronts Schemer about his attempt to sell everyone's things, and he shows her his bill. She reveals that he misread the amount, as it is actually $1.85. Billy claims that Schemer was so worried about getting cheated that he cheated himself. Schemer then sees the repairman, as he still doesn't have the money, he offers his "blue suede shoes" as a trade for the jukebox repair.

In the end, Billy and Mr. Conductor reflect on the events of the day, expressing their gratitude for the repairman, and play a melody on their flute and whistle.

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Thomas Stories

A new diesel named Mavis makes things frustrating for Toby when she puts his freight cars in random places. She doesn't follow his advice very well, and get stuck at a level crossing where the rails are slippery and a slop gives the freight cars a chance to hold her back.

Following her mishap with freight cars, Mavis is forced to put the freight cars where Toby wants them and no where else. She makes a plan to have the cars push her past another level crossing and ask them to do so, but Toby collects the freight cars instead, and they not only push him past the crossing, but also on a bridge that is about to collapse. Will Mavis rescue Toby?


  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Diesel
  • Mavis
  • Freight Cars
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Bertie (cameo)
  • Terence (cameo)
  • Farmer Finney (cameo)
  • Jem Cole (cameo)
  • Ffarquhar Quarry Manager (mentioned)

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  • The Riddle Song

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  • In the Fox Family and Nick Jr. versions, the story Toby's Tightrope is cut out.
  • Oddly, this episode lacks a question mark in its title, although the previous episode does have one in its title.
  • This episode of Shining Time Station aired on Christmas Day, despite not being a Christmas-themed episode. It also aired on the same day that the movie ''The Prince of Tides'', which featured Carlin, was released in theaters.
  • Several of Elvis Presley's songs were referenced in this episode: Suspicious Minds, All Shook Up, Don't Be Cruel, and Blue Suede Shoes.
  • This is first time the Jukebox Puppet Band is seen by someone else.