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"There isn't a train on earth that can go from Point Poaky to Cloggyville in 11 seconds; it's 14 miles!"
— Mr. Conductor.

Does it Bite? is the second episode of the first season.


Tanya meets Mr. Conductor for the first time and become friends with him. Matt learns to overcome his fear and realizes that he should not be afraid of Harry. A local man named Horace Schemer is revealed to be the new owner of the station's arcade.

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Thomas Stories

Henry the Green Engine is afraid the rain will spoil his paint so he stops in the tunnel and refuses to come out. Sir Topham Hatt arrives and helps attempt to pull Henry out. The passengers pull with a rope, which doesn't work, and trying to push Henry doesn't work either. Thomas is called to help, but Henry still refuses to come out of the tunnel. Eventually everyone (including Thomas) gives up on getting him to come out. A displeased Sir Topham Hatt has the rails to the tunnel pulled up and bricks up the tunnel opening leaving Henry alone and stranded until he's learned his lesson. All poor Henry can do is sadly watch the other engines pass by.

Gordon is proud of being the only engine strong enough to pull the express. But just outside of the tunnel next to the one Henry is shut up in. Gordon’s safely valve bursts and he can’t pull the express any further. Edward tries to push the coaches but can’t even move them. Sir Topham Hatt asks Henry if he wants to come out of the tunnel and help. Delighted, Henry agrees and proceeds to move. With Henry at the front and Edward at the back, the two friends make their way to the station, but not before Sir Topham loses his hat to a goat. Afterwards, Edward and Henry help Gordon home, and the three are now good friends. Henry doesn't mind the rain now, and knows not to run into tunnels, but to ask his driver to rub him down when the day's work is over.


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  • Camptown Races

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  • The Thomas episodes are credited by their UK titles, "The Sad Story of Henry" and "Edward, Gordon and Henry" respectively.
  • This episode aired on the same day that composer Joe Raposo passed away.
  • A clip from this episode is used at the "Thomas & Friends Explore the Rails Traveling Exhibit".