The ERTL Company was a toy company which produced and released Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends toys from 1985 to 2004. Between 1993 and 1996 in the US, they were packaged and released for the Shining Time Station brand. The most popular range was a 1/64th scale die-cast models of the characters.


From 1985 to 1992, the releases of Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise ranges produced by ERTL had various packaging styles; often differing across the period, and between the different ranges. In 1993 all continuing ranges in the US had their packaging styles streamlined, with the packaging adopting a Shining Time Station theme. This including a countryside background, and the bluebird and butterfly logo. The reverse side often featured a numbered collector card of the character. The Shining Time Station themed packaging card was discontinued when the television series ended in 1996, and the international packaging themes were adopted for future releases.

1/64th Scale Die-cast Range


The table below lists the released models, their first year of release, and the number of their collectors card. The table can be sorted by any of these three catagories

1/64 Scale Diecast Range
Model Original Release Year Collector Card number Notes
Thomas the Tank Engine 1984 1
Henry the Green Engine 1984 3
James the Red Engine 1984 5
Toby the Tram Engine 1985 7
Percy the Small Engine 1985 6
Bertie the Bus 1985 13
Annie and Clarabel (with Thomas) 1985 11 Only in a three pack with either Thomas or Percy and with a unique Collector Card number
Annie and Clarabel (with Percy) 1985 12 Only in a three pack with either Thomas or Percy, and with a unique Collector Card number
Edward the Blue Engine 1988 2
Gordon the Big Express Engine 1988 4
Duck the GWR Pannier Tank Engine 1990 8
Diesel 1990 16
Troublesome Trucks 1990 22
Sir Topham Hatt and The Engineer 1990 20
Bill 1991 15 Also in a twin pack
Ben 1991 14 Also in a twin pack
Harold 1991 17
Trevor the Traction Engine 1991 21
Donald 1992 9 Also in a twin pack
Douglas 1992 10 Also in a twin pack
Terence the Tractor 1992 19
Henrietta 1992 18
Daisy 1992 28
BoCo 1992 26
Mavis 1992 29
Milk & Tar Wagons 1992 27
Old Coaches 1992 37
Oliver the GWR Engine 1993 32
The Famous Visitor - "City of Truro" 1993 34 Marked as a Special Edition Engine
Fuel Tankers 1993 35
Bulgy the Bus 1993 33
Breakdown Train 1994 36
199 Diesel 1995 38
Toad 1995 42
Sodor Mail Coaches 1995 43
Godred 1995 39 Marked as a Special Edition Engine
Culdee 1995 40 Marked as a Special Edition Engine
George 1995 41
Rheneas 1996 48
Sir Handel 1996 47
Peter Sam 1996 45
Rusty 1996 44
Duncan 1996 46
Express Coaches 1996 50
Sir Topham Hatt's Car 1996 49
Thomas (with Annie & Clarabel) 1984 23 Packaged together with Annie & Clarabel with a unique Collector Card number
Percy (with Annie & Clarabel) 1985 24 Packaged together with Annie & Clarabel with a unique Collector Card number
Wind up Sir Topham Hatt 1993 25 Released within the die cast range and given a Collector Card number, although part of a wider range outside of the Shining Time branding.
Bill & Ben Twin Pack 1991 30 Packaged together with a shared Collector Card number
Donald & Douglas Twin Pack 1992 31 Packaged together with a shared Collector Card number

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

To celebrate the release of Thomas and the Magic Railroad in 2000, some models were given unique, special packaging. These models were Lady, Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge, Thomas, Thomas and Mr. Conductor, James, Percy, Harold, Gordon, Henry, Toby, Bertie, Annie and Clarabel, and the Troublesome Trucks.


In addition to the twin packs and Annie and Clarabel packs in the range, there are also other multi-packs.

  • 3 Pack containing Thomas, Henry, and James
  • 6 Pack containing Thomas, Toby, Bertie, Terence, Duncan and Rheneas
  • 6 Pack containing Thomas, Toby, Bertie, Terence, Percy and Harold
  • 6 Pack containing Mavis, Edward, Daisy, Duck, and two Troublesome Trucks
  • 6 Pack containing D199, Sir Topham Hatt's Car, Rusty, Sir Handel, and two coaches


  • Wellsworth Station carry-along playset
  • Railyard carry-along playset
  • Construction playset
  • Seaport playset
  • Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Playmat 3'x5'

Gold Rail Series

Based on the "Thomas Engine Collection Series" (TECS) range by Bandai in Japan, these models had magnetic couplings, and were a fraction smaller than a HO scale model train. The Gold Rail Series did not need rebranding, as it was launched to target the US market and already featured the Shining Time Station brand, with the logo prominently across the top of the packaging box. The range also appeared in other Western Countries, including Australia. Multiple model packet sleeves, called "Value-Paks", were exclusive to the US. Henry is listed on the back of the "Value-Paks" packaging but was never released.

The Collectors Cards of the Gold Rail series match the Shining Time collectors cards of the 1/64th scale range; with the same illustration, description, and number, although formatted slightly differently to fit the different sized packaging. The Foolish Freight Car is an exception, as it takes the place of Sir Topham Hatt and the Engineer from the diecast range.


  • #1 Thomas
  • #2 Edward
  • #4 Gordon
  • #5 James
  • #6 Percy
  • #7 Toby
  • #11 Annie
  • #12 Clarabel
  • #13 Bertie
  • #14 Ben
  • #15 Bill
  • #17 Harold
  • #20 Foolish Freight Car
  • #22 Troublesome Truck
  • Henry (unreleased)


  • Bertie & Toby
  • James & Edward
  • Thomas, Annie & Clarabel
  • Percy, Troublesome Truck & Foolish Freight Car


  • Ffarquhar Playset
  • Lower Suddery Playset
  • Turntable Playset
  • Sodor Shipping Playset


Around 1991, a miniature range was produced. The vehicles had sticker faces and were packaged with a small section of a railway. Once all were collected, the parts formed a playset.


  • Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel
  • Thomas, James, and trucks
  • Edward, Bertie, and Trevor
  • Edward, James, and Percy

Playsets and Accessories

Unlike the international packaging, the Shining Time packaging for the Playset components featured a photo of the product, instead of an illustration.

  • Thomas at the station
  • Bertie at the train crossing
  • Percy at the turntable
  • James at the signal box
  • Edward at the water tower
  • Thomas, Annie and Clarabel 4-corner Miniature Adventure Set
  • Thomas, Trevor and the Troublesome Trucks Deluxe Miniature Adventure Set

Pull Back vehicles

The first set of pull back vehicles were large 6 inch die cast models of Thomas and Percy, released in 1984. These could be operated by dragging the model backwards along the floor so their wheels could "wind up" and letting go to "unwind".

After 1993, another set of pull back vehicles were released. 1/64 scale die cast models of Thomas, Percy, Toby, and Bertie used the same mechanism. These were under the range of "Pull back & go!".


  • The only 1/64th scale vehicle not released within the Shining Time Station range is the Saved from Scrap Trevor, as seen in Is This the End?.
  • Not every copy of Godred was marked as a Special Edition Engine.
  • Some 1/64th scale vehicles were released bundled with VHS tapes.
    • The only bundled VHS to mention Shining Time Station on the front cover of its box sleeve is the Better Late Than Never and Other Stories VHS with a model of Toby.
  • Some 1/64th scale models in their original pre-1993 Shining Time Station US packaging featured the phrase "As Seen on Shining Time Station" between the character's name and their moulded blister (specifically Edward and Gordon).


Die-Cast Models

Die-cast Multi-packs and Playsets

Gold Rail Vehicles

Gold Rail Value-Paks and Playsets


Pull Back Vehicles


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