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Finders Keepers is the thirteenth episode of the first season.


Matt and Tanya find a saxophone in the "lost and found". When its concerned owner comes looking for it, they learn that it is wrong to take something that belongs to someone else.

Cast and Characters

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Flexitoon Puppeteers

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Mentioned Characters

Thomas Stories

Thomas feels the only proper color for a really useful engine has to be blue. The smart blue tank engine is quick to let Percy and Toby know that. Later on Thomas is resting on a siding beside the coal hopper. Percy moves freight cars into place to be loaded with coal. The naughty freight cars get up to their usual tricks and bump Percy so that the coal hopper misses the last car. Thomas comes out of that one looking a little less smart with coal dust covering him from smoke box to bumper. Percy laughs at Thomas and that leaves a score to be settled. It settles itself when a tired Percy goes to get a drink and finds he can’t stop. He goes off the siding into a pit of coal. Thomas is standing by with Annie and Clarabel just long enough to see Percy’s incident. That night in the shed the two engines make up. Thomas concedes that Percy’s green paint looks just as nice as his blue does. The two tank engines agree they will be more careful with coal.

James makes fun of Toby and Henrietta calling them dirty objects. Karma catches up with James when once again his freight train gets the better of him. They push him down Gordon's hill, through the station, and right into 2 tar wagons. James is covered in tar and who should come to help him? Who else but Toby, and Percy too?


  • Thomas
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Freight Cars
  • Annie
  • Clarabel (does not speak)
  • Henrietta (does not speak)
  • Gordon (mentioned)

Jukebox Band Song Segment

  • The Desperado


  • Footage from Going Home and Steam People is used.