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"Hey, hey, hey! What do we say?"
— Ginny's greeting

Ginny Johnson is a farmer and the owner of an apple orchard, living up the Indian Valley Railroad in the community of Farmer's Dell.

She was played by well-known Canadian actress Barbara Hamilton.


Ginny is a colorful good-natured woman matched only by her wardrobe.

Ginny always greets her friends at Shining Time Station with a jovial "Hey, Hey, Hey, what do we say?" and often drops hilarious one-liners during conversation such as "Is that a bump on your head or did you get hit by a lucky horseshoe?".

Ginny is also tough and no-nonsense, especially near Schemer.


In her younger years she was a dance instructor and ran Ginny's Studio of Dance and Manners. She is also the proud owner of a White Western Highland terrier named, Grainger, she mentioned she got another dog as well though she often resorts in giving him a new name whenever he causes mischief - Rex the Wonder Dog to Mister Filthy to Mister Get Out of There. Ginny drives a 1940's model Ford pickup truck as seen in Queen for a Day.

In Queen for a Day, Ginny was charged with taking The Queen home with her after the Queen's coach got uncoupled from a train. Ginny soon became fed up with the Queen's ways.

She also has a married nephew.

She appears to be friends with Stacy Jones and Midge Smoot.