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Henry "Harry" Cupper was the locomotive engineer and master mechanic at Shining Time Station (in season 1), and renowned to be the best one on the Indian Valley Railroad.


Harry is a serious, hard worker who will always get the job done, and realizes that his priorities are keeping the line in tip-top shape! He has two granddaughters: Tanya Cupper and Kara Cupper. Harry is a longtime employee of the Indian Valley Railroad, and an experienced railroader who loves to share his stories of his early days on the line. His pride and joy is his workshop which he keeps organized in his own fashion. Harry is also an inventor and is quite able to improvise repairs.

Despite his initial reluctance to accept this new post, Harry quickly grew fond of the station's homeliness and old-fashioned setting, thinking that there was "just something" about Shining Time Station. Though coming across a gruff, humorless and grumpy man to those who don't know him, Harry has a heart of gold, and never holds a grudge - even against Schemer when he tried to take over Harry's workshop. When he yells at someone, it is only his intention to keep them safe. After just working at Shining Time Station for just over a year, he was transferred to Twiddly Junction, and was replaced by his cousin Tucker and Billy Twofeathers. Harry's last job was at Fort Farley where he retired.

He visited Shining Time Station six years later on the occasion of Kara's go-kart race.