Home is the song from the Season 2 episode, All's Fair, shown by J.B. King through the The Picture Machine. The song is shown as a means to help J.B. King find and beleive that Mr. Conductor is real and wants to meet him; however, no matter how hard he tries to find him, it never happens. The song's meaning and theme is based on homesick, and once coming home is happy to be there. The song is sung by Roger Whittaker.


Quiet fireside, doors that open wide
Smiles that welcome me home
Hands that take my hand, hearts that understand
What it means to be home

All the wandering and the wondering
Where could I find
That little world of love I saw
So clear in my mind?

Now it’s here at last, all my troubles passed
Nevermore I’ll have to roam
I’m home, I’m home

All the happiness with those you care for
When you finally know what you’re there for
And it’s wonderful how suddenly
You’re in the place where you belong
All the sharing that makes life worth living
And the pleasure you get ‘cause you’re giving
And it’s wonderful how all at once you’re
Where you wished for all along

I’m home


  • The song Home was originally composed by Joe Raposo for the 1976 animated feature film Raggedy Ann: A Musical Adventure, which featured Didi Conn as the voice of Raggedy Ann. It is unknown why the song was cut out but it was later reused for All's Fair.
  • The episodes version of the song also bears resemblence to Against All Odds (Take a Look at me Now) by Phil Collins.
  • The opening scene of the song is the interior of the Union Station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • The train ride takes place at the South Simcoe Railway. And the diesel seen in the song, and pulling the train is South Simcoe Railway 22 which lead The Royal Train.



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