How to Tie your Shoes is an episode of Schemer Presents!.


Schemer is doing a lesson on tying shoes, or is he? He really talks about progress and the ever classic velcro strap shoes. Then Becky arrives to tell him that his mother is waiting for him at the station. Schemer almost panicked but then he remembered his velcro shoes but when he closed his eyes to show Becky how easy it is he put the straps on the wrong shoes! He then trips and breaks the velcro straps off, but he still won't wear the old fashioned shoes with laces. Then he remebered he had another pair of velcro shoes. He goes into the closet to get them, but then he notices he has only one velcro shoe. Then he tells Becky that he forgot how to tie his shoes. Becky then helps him tie his shoes.



  • This episode was seen on The World According to Me! VHS.
  • Schemer has a toy of the 1989 Transformers action figure Pretender Starscream.
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