Impractical Jokes is the twelfth episode of the first season.


Schemer introduces his newest buisness idea, Practical Jokes. When some of his jokes backfire, he learns that some times are better than others to play jokes. Meanwhile, Stacy and Harry start to disagree when they try to fix an old telegraph.

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Thomas stories

Edward is feeling his age, clanking loudly as he goes about his work. While delivering cattle cars to market, his noisy train startles a herd of cows, which charge the train and break the couplings, causing some cars to be left behind. Gordon and Henry laugh and boast about Edward’s predicament; until one day both engines encounter Bluebell, a mournful cow, wandering on a bridge, searching for her lost calf. No matter what they or their crews try to shoo her away, Henry and Gordon become nervous around such a delicate animal. Eventually, Percy brings the lost calf to her mother, and the engines are able to leave once Bluebell and her calf are led away. But once word gets round, Gordon tries to turn the situation around for Edward – but the old engine knows what truly happened…!

After one delay too many, James complains about Edward being too old and slow, marking him as “old iron”, but Thomas and Percy reckon Edward could beat James in a race anyway. This is put to the test when, one day, naughty boys fiddle with James’ controls, sending the red engine down the line without his Driver or Fireman. A brave Inspector decides to pursue after the runaway in Edward, who eventually catches up to James and stops him just in time. James apologizes to Edward and Sir Topham Hatt, proud of his heroic deed, sends Edward to have his worn parts mended.

Jukebox Band Song Segment

  • Filimiooriooriay


  • In this episode, Tanya wears the same blouse that she first wore back in "Does it Bite?".
  • It is revealed that Tito started collecting nickels in 1957.
  • Tracks of the Iron Horse.


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