Is This the End? is the twentieth and final episode of Season 1.


The station staff find out from J.B. King that the station will be closed in favor of the new modern station in Snarleyville. As Stacy and Harry accept defeat, Matt and Tanya try to make memories of the station, while Schemer wearing army clothes, attempts to baracde himself in. 

Mr. King arrives at the station to officaly close it and finds Schemer angry at him guff about the station closing. Soon the Circus train arrives and one of it's perfomers, a clown known as Jerry the Juggler arrives makes his way in. Jerry asks Stacy, an old friend of his what happened as the circus train was rerouted to Snarlyville, which he and the other performers found an awful place. Upon Meeting Mr. King, Jerry becomes angry at him for deciding to close the station, giving him some time to think it through. He then finds Mr. Conductor's hat knowing full well who he is. This changes his mind in a heart beat as everyone rejoices, happy that the station is to remain open.  

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Thomas Stories

Whilst making a delivery to the scrapyard, Edward meets a traction engine called Trevor, sadly awaiting his fate, because his owner thought him “old fashioned”, Trevor reminisces his happier days with Edward, when he was useful and gave children rides. Edward wants to rescue Trevor but can’t think who would want to buy a traction engine – until he encounters Vicar of Wellsworth. After some persuasion, the Vicar brings his two boys to see Trevor in action, with help from Trevor’s driver, Jem Cole. The Vicar is very impressed and buys Trevor there and then to live in the Vicarage Orchard. Trevor is much happier now, with new paintwork and constant work to keep him busy.
Trevor is sent one day to help Thomas build the new harbour near the Junction. Thomas meets Trevor for the first time, but isn’t convinced that a steam engine, who doesn’t run on rails, can be of any use. Trevor proves his worth when he helps to clear a small mishap at the harbour, dragging supplies around a mess left by derailed cars, before spending the afternoon giving rides to children on the beach. Amazed and impressed, Thomas realises how useful a traction engine can be, and takes Trevor home afterward a happier engine indeed.

Jukebox Band Song

  • Little Black Train


  • This is the second time the episode's title asks a question, with the first being "Does It Bite?".
  • This the the first (and sole) appearance of Stacy's old friend, who is also Mr. King and Schemer's idol, Jerry the Juggler.
  • The Soccer Arcade Machine from Schemer's subplot in Ring in the Old makes its final appearance in this episode.


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