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James is a character from Shining Time Station. He is stuck up, tempermental, and obsessed with his shiny red paint. He believes that no one but him should be able to be called "Really Useful" and likes to consider himself a really splendid engine, but he has a good heart and will step in to save the day when needed. James' first day on the Sodor Railway wasn't easy. A train of foolish freight cars broke his wooden brake blocks, and pushed him on and on until he crashed and Thomas came to his rescue. After being repaired, he began enjoying life more until he got into trouble again when he got Sir Topham Hatt's new top hat wet and broke a coach's coupling rod after being too rough with them. He was only able to prove himself again when he tamed the most troublesome cars on the railway and pulled the express when Gordon was disgraced. Since then, James has had many advenures, like taking part in the big engine's strike, getting stung on the nose by a bee, tricking Thomas into letting him pull the express, and being saved by Junior when Diesel 10 had him cornered in the smelting shed.


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