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Jingle, Jingle, Jingle is the nineteenth episode of the second season.


The kids and Schemer enter a slogan contest. Schemer thinks that the prize for the winner is cash, so he plans to buy the station and build a parking lot.

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Thomas Stories

Toby has a hard time getting water thanks to an inexperienced signalman, and soon runs out in the middle of the main line. James, who is substituting for Gordon as the express engine, is forced to help him.

Thomas learns how foolish freight cars are the hard way.


Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • City of New Orleans


  • In the Fox Family version, Trouble for Thomas is edited out.
  • The B&O's 8,000 Mile Birthday Party and Steam People with 2101 and 1218 are shown.
  • This the first and only time a Jukebox Band song is played during the closing credits.
  • This the first time a human (J.B. King) says all the names of the Jukebox Band members.
  • This episode features several instances where Schemer and Schemee shake their belt change makers for emphasis after making what they believe is a brilliant point.