Just Wild About Harry's Workshop is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Shining Time Station.


Schemer is inside Harry's workshop and invites Matt and Tanya inside for some "design ideas". Tanya and Stacy tells him he's not supposed to be in there, but he says that he's the future owner and operator of the station's snack bar. Schemer gives Stacy a letter from the headquarters that says he might be able to open a snack bar in Harry's workshop. A worried Stacy phones the manager of the Indian Valley Railroad, explaining that they have Harry Cupper, the best handy man around who needs his workshop. She the tells the kids they have to stand up for what they beleive in. Mr. Conductor tells them about his friend Duck from Sodor. After, Harry arrives and Stacy explains to him about Schemer. An angry Harry goes over to talk to Schemer and as he leaves, a passenger arrives. Schemer tries to make him put a nickel in the jukebox. Stacy pulls Schemer aside to explain to him how the station runs and how they need Harry, but he acts very stubborn. After kicking him out, the passenger puts money into the jukebox. The kids say Schemer is a bully, but Stacy insists he just doesn't get along with people. Later, Schemer and Harry arrive in the station at the same time and don't say a word. Schemer's machine malfunctions and he needs Harry to fix it, but harry refuses and leaves. Stacy follows him to convince him to fix it. Mr. Conductor arrives angain and says that Harry doesn't want to be replaced proceeds to tell the story of how Percy felt the same way with Harold. Later, because Schemer and Harry still can't get along, Schemer decides to call headquarters for the final decision. But before he does, he is stopped by the passenger, who is actually the chief inspector for the Indian Valley Railroad. The inspector asks him for the letter and, after Schemer handed it to him, he puts a stamp over it which means Harry gets his workshop back. He says he can have the workshop for as long as he needs. The inspector says everyone at the station - even Schemer - has good ideas. After, Schemer and Harry get along and Harry agrees to fix the machine.

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Thomas stories

Percy is the laughing stock of the yard following his signal mishap, until Sir Topham Hatt cheers him up by sending him to help build the new harbour while a bigger tank engine arrives to shunt the yard. The newcomer, Duck (alias Montague), is soon friends with Percy, until Gordon, James and Henry start ordering them about. Duck decides to take action “the Great Western way”, and he and Percy block the paths to the shed, refusing to let the big engines in. Sir Topham Hatt arrives where Duck gives his reasons for their actions, stating that he and Percy will only take orders from their controller, not from the other engines. Sir Topham Hatt understands and is quick to tell the big engines: “This is my railway and I give the orders!”

Percy enjoys working at the new harbour, helping Thomas and Toby bring stone trucks for the men. Close by is an airfield, their noisiest resident being a helicopter. Percy meets the helicopter one day, who introduces himself as Harold. Harold is proud of flying and reckons railways are slow and out of date. Percy is cross, but later on, when he sees Harold flying close by, the pair embark in a frantic race to the harbour. At the last minute Percy thinks they’ve lost, but his Driver spies Harold hovering close by, unable to find a place to land! Percy is declared the winner and his Driver sings a song in his honor.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Union Train

Cartoons and Songs

  • What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Cartoons used in the song:
    • Ants in the Plants
    • The Little Stranger
    • Summertime
    • Hunky and Spunky
    • The Cobweb Hotel
    • Small Fry


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