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Missy Fussy was both a doll and an animated segment seen on a TV brought into the station by Schemer. The segment was produced and directed by Frank Vitale.

In the commercial, the Missy Fussy doll was portrayed as a normal-sized baby doll who had a lot to say. At first, her owner, a young girl, seemed to enjoy playing with her. However, Missy Fussy became increasingly demanding and manipulative, as the commercial progressed, and her owner quickly became fed up with it. As the commercial closed a small disclaimer said that the size of the TV may make Missy Fussy seem larger than she really is.

Becky and Kara, after watching the commercial, decided they wanted to share a Missy Fussy doll, and they quickly ordered one from Barton Winslow's general store. However, the real Missy Fussy doll was only about a few inches tall, and was silent. A note revealed that she required special batteries to operate. These batteries were only available in Krakatoa, west of Java, for $8.00, much to the girls' dismay.

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