Mr. Conductor's Big Sleepwalk is the twenty-second episode of the third season.


Mr. Conductor accidentally sneezes sleepy sand in his eyes and sleepwalks. Now he can't spread his sleepy sand to help everyone in Indian Valley sleep. Meanwhile, the kids have been granted permission to stay late at the station to see the Midnight Express train arrive, and are having a burger stand. They hide Mr. Conductor's sleepy sand in a salt shaker to keep anyone else from finding it and taking it. It doesn't go well, when it makes Schemer, Stacy, Billy and Mr. King all fall asleep as well, when they help themselves to one of the kids' burgers. The kids eventually revive Mr. Conductor, using Billy's worlds about waking up to the sound of the whistle, and place him near the window as the whistling Midnight Express chugs by. Once awake, Mr. Conductor revives the rest of the station, and goes to help the rest of the Indian Valley sleep. Afterwards, Stacy and Billy take the kids home to sleep, while Schemer and Mr. King opt to pull an all-nighter and watch the sunrise from a cafe with a view.

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Thomas Story

The viaduct on the main line is being repaired, causing delays for the big engines that are supposed to meet up with Thomas, who is irritated with them running late. As a result, Thomas also leaves Bertie waiting for his passengers and Thomas is even more frustrated when Bertie teases him about being late. However, Bertie breaks down and asks Thomas to take his passengers, to which the latter agrees. Thomas soon learns that being late isn't as bad as it seems sometimes.

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  • Beautiful Dreamer

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  • When Mr. Conductor was talking in his sleep, he was telling his own Thomas stories.
  • Possibly for time reasons, the ending of Better Late Than Never was cut short.
  • Footage of 7002 was used from Strasburg Steam.
  • When Schemer puts the nickel in the jukebox, it is shown to have a kiss mark as Schemer kissed it before putting it in. This leads us to believe Schemer was wearing lipstick that day.
  • In the Fox Family and Nick Jr. versions, the song Dreamland was cut out, along with sections from "Better Late Than Never".
    • George Carlin's lines as Henry and Edward (for the second time) cross the viaduct quickly cut to Thomas arguing with Henry at the junction.
    • The line, "With a last cheerful greeting, the two friends went back to work" was also cut.


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