From Season 2 to Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales, the second Mr. Conductor has been shown to have two pet dogs who are the same scale as he is, being the others in the Conductor Family to be the same size as him.

First Dog

Despite not being named, his first dog appeared in Stop the Press resting in Mr. Conductor's lap as he reads out his opinions on the newspaper comics. Britt Allcroft had confirmed the dog had actually belonged to George Carlin. The dog's name was Moe, who George had shown to his audience at the end of his HBO comedy speical Doin' It Again. A photo of Moe in George's wife's arms can be seen in Carlin's autobiography Last Words, which was also shown at the end of his HBO special You are All Diseased.

George with Moe in "Doin' It Again"

Second Dog (Missy)

Missy appeared in the Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales episode Paint the Town Red, accompanying Mr. Conductor when painting his signal house door a different color, as well as helping him switch on the radio.


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