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""Leaky Park is leaking. It's from there that I am speaking. You and Billy come faster than fast! Hurry! Hurry or this station won't last!"
"Yes, Mr. King, that's what I thought you said! We'll be right over!"
— Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin impersonating J.B. King and Stacy Jones talking to him on the phone

Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin is the eleventh episode of the third season.


The episode begins in the workshop, where Mr. Conductor has been helping Billy build a model of a New York Central Railroad Hudson steam locomotive. Mr. Conductor even has the whistle working. Kara and Stacy come in and admire the work Billy and Mr. Conductor has done. Kara asks if all the engines were alike back when the Hudson was made. Billy explains that, while some of them were similar, every engine is different. It could be something little. He continues by saying that the main way to tell engines apart is by the sound of their whistle.

Kara then shows Stacy and Billy that she's been working on a frame for the picture of Mr. Conductor that she, Dan, and Becky drew. The four of them discuss the drawing and how an evil duplicate of Mr. Conductor was created from it after the kids sprinkled some of Mr. Conductor's magic gold dust on it. The twin created chaos in the station. Luckily, the real Mr. Conductor was able to outsmart the evil double by going back into the drawing. That reminds Stacy that J.B. King is coming to the station later to pick up the drawing. Kara and Stacy go into the main station where Stacy asks Kara to clean up a mess she made while a frame for the drawing. Though she would not, Kara starts cleaning up. However she does complain about it a little bit.

A little while later, Kara is almost finished cleaning. Then, Schemer comes up behind her and startles her, causing her to send papers flying and undoing all her work. Schemer proceeds to tease her about it. After Schemer leaves, Mr. Conductor appears. Kara tries to tell him about what Schemer did, but Mr. Conductor is distracted because his whistle is out of tune. Kara asks for Mr. Conductor's help in cleaning up her mess. Mr. Conductor states that because Stacy asked Kara to clean it up, and it is a rather small mess, Kara can handle it on her own. Mr. Conductor then leaves to get his whistle tuned.

As Mr. Conductor leaves, Kara grabs some of his gold dust. She sprinkles it on the picture of Mr. Conductor, bringing the Evil Twin back to life. Kara makes the Evil Twin promise to clean the mess she made and then go back into the picture. The twin agrees, and asks Kara to make sure no one is watching. As Kara does so, the Evil Twin plots to himself about how he will first get everyone out of the station, then confront Mr. Conductor and force him to take his place in the picture. Kara comes back and the twin makes the mess magically disappear. However, once he is finished, he cons Kara into letting him stay by telling her he'll help her pay back Schemer for teasing her. While Kara distracts Schemer, the Evil Twin creates a giant, man-sized nickel which chases Schemer out of the station.

Inside the Jukebox, Tito has noticed the giant nickel. He becomes slightly obsessed and makes it his quest to find and capture it.

Back in the station, there are two boxes of chocolates on Stacy's desk. She had been planning on giving them to J.B. King when he arrives. The Evil Twin proceeds to open one box and smash each chocolate with his feet. Kara then comes in and tells the Evil Twin it's time for him to go back into the picture, but the twin refuses. When Kara threatens to tell on him, the twin points out that nobody will believe her. Stacy enters the station and is impressed with how clean it now is. She goes to give Kara a piece of chocolate for doing such a good job, but discovers the smashed chocolates in the first box. Upon opening the other box, Stacy and Kara find not chocolate, but creamed spinach. Stacy tells Kara to take the boxes back to Barton Winslow's General Store and ask for two new ones. Kara tries to tell Stacy about the Evil Twin, but Stacy is too busy trying to make sure everything looks nice for when J.B. King comes. The twin then gets Stacy out of the station by impersonating Mr. King over the phone telling her and Billy to come to Leaky Park as soon as possible. Stacy, while curious as to why Mr. King is rhyming his words, gets Billy and they quickly leave.

Schemer soon returns to the station, covered from head to foot in a suit of armor. Calling himself “Sir Scheme-a-lot, he challenges the “monster” nickel to show itself. To rid himself of this distraction, the Evil Twin orders the Jukebox Puppet Band to play a sad song. They do so, which makes Schemer cry, causing his armor to rust to the point that he can barely move. The Evil Twin then knocks Schemer unconscious with a nickel. Kara soon returns with two new boxes of chocolate. Mr. Conductor appears and still hasn't gotten his whistle tuned. Kara explains what happened, that someone has done something bad, without letting on that she is talking about herself freeing the Evil Twin. Mr. Conductor tries to make her feel better about it by telling her a story about Bill and Ben and how they made a mistake without meaning to.

After the story, Kara tells Mr. Conductor the truth and apologizes for what she’s done. The two ponder where the Evil Twin could be. Just then, they see the him heading towards them. He has commandeered the model engine and crashes it into arcade steps. Mr. Conductor and his Evil Twin are now standing side by side. Kara can’t tell which is which until she remembers that the real Mr. Conductor's whistle is still broken, and asks both to blow their whistles. She identifies the Evil Twin and pours a pot of glue over him, in the hopes he will disappear. It works and the Evil Twin returns to being a picture.

Just then, J.B. King, Stacy, and Billy enter the station. Mr. King has no idea what Stacy is talking about when she mentions the phone call about Leaky Park, which has been leak-free for several days. Stacy puts it down to an imposter. Schemer wakes up and asks if Mr. King is there to help him catch the monster nickel. Mr. King becomes a bit concerned about Schemer. When Stacy says "boy, what a costume!," the word boy makes Schemer think of “Danny Boy,” the song that made him cry earlier. He quickly runs home to change out of his suit so it doesn't rust up again. Dealing with Schemer’s behavior makes Mr. King say that he sometimes considers closing the station. Kara, Stacy, and Billy quickly persuade him not to, saying that Schemer is simply a bit paranoid, but he means well. Kara gives Mr. King the picture of Mr. Conductor, which he is very happy to have. J.B. King thanks Kara and leaves the station, debating where he should put the picture.

A little while later, Stacy, Billy, Kara, and Mr. Conductor are in the workshop. Mr. Conductor has finally had his whistle fixed. Billy is working on repairing the model engine. Kara apologizes once more for what she did. Stacy tells Kara that everyone makes mistakes, but that we become better people by learning from our mistakes. Kara says she's learned that Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin is trouble. Mr. C agrees, saying that the twin is "double" trouble.

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Thomas Story

Bill and Ben are feeling restless, and long for some excitement. They get their chance when Sir Topham Hatt sends them to help at the yard again, but cause great confusion after they let the freight cars tell them where to put things. Next day, the twins are sent back to the quarry, where they go about their regular work. Suddenly, a huge rockslide forms high above the quarry, and the twins act quickly to get the workmen out of harm’s way.  The quarry is completely destroyed, but everyone is safe thanks to Bill and Ben. Sir Topham Hatt considers them true heroes for acting brave in an emergency – and the twins agree that the rockslide was more than enough excitement for them!

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Danny Boy


  • Stock footage from the second series episode, Double Trouble is used. References are also made to the aforementioned episode.
  • This was one of a handful of episodes to be released on home video.
  • Strasburg Steam and The B&O's 8,000 Mile Birthday Party
  • This is the only episode where Kara Cupper has a main role.
  • This is the only episode where Mr. Conductor starts the story with a low-pitched whistle instead of a high-pitched whistle.
  • Stacey forgot to give Mr. King his candy before he left the station.