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Mr. Conductor's Fourth of July is the thirteenth episode of the third season.


Billy and the kids are outside listening to Stacy's speech on freedom. Meanwhile, Schemer and Schemee go on a secret mission and turn the station upside down to look for gold. Schemee vacuums up Mr. Conductor's magic dust and he cannot disappear anymore.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

The Flexitoon Puppeteers

Guest Starring

Mentioned Characters

Thomas Story

Jukebox Band Segment Songs

  • New River Train [with Tubby and his Totally Tubular Band]
  • Patriotic Medley with four Independence Day songs
    • Yankee Doodle [performed by Didi]
    • Dixie [performed by Tex & Rex]
    • I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy [performed by Tito]
    • America the Beautiful [performed by Grace and the Jukebox Band]
  • John Henry (replacing the Patriotic Medley only in some international airings)