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Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales is a spin-off series of Shining Time Station. The plotlines, secondary to the five stories told by George Carlin in each episode, focused solely on Mr. Conductor.

The stories were a mix of those not shown in any episodes of Shining Time Station (mostly Season 4 episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) and Season 1, 2, and 3 episodes (such as Percy's Ghostly Trick). A music video was also included at the end of each episode. He was joined alongside his dog, Missy and some goldfish. 


  1. Missing Whistles - Mr. Conductor searches throughout Shining Time Station for his lost whistle.
  2. Wildlife - Mr. Conductor is accosted by wildlife as his tries to deliver a cookie to his tardy squirrel friends.
  3. Wish You Were Here - Unable to sleep, Mr. Conductor decides to write letters to his friends.
  4. For the Birds - Mr. Conductor tries to organize a benefit concert for the early birds when their nest was severely damaged during the previous night's wind storm.
  5. Splish, Splash, Splosh - Mr. Conductor is having a particularly bad day while going through his work. He realizes that this is the result of being impatient and remembers what happened to certain characters such as Duncan, Sir Handel and Peter Sam when they got impatient. Finally, he learns to calm down and not to be in a rush while learning the importance of patience.
  6. Paint the Town Red - Mr. Conductor tries various colors for repainting his front door.


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  • The opening credits and title cards of the episodes were similar to that of the Family Specials, but Thomas characters appear in them.
  • The end credits consisted of deleted scenes from Season 3 of Thomas accompanied by the final stanza of Thomas' Anthem.
  • While most Season 4 episodes of Thomas were new in this spin-off, the Thomas stories from One of the Family were repeated.
  • This series was the final time the original Shining Time Station Set and theme were used. Thomas was revived on American television via Storytime with Thomas on Fox Family Channel, where Season 5 of the show was introduced. Thomas would later live on in America through individual VHS releases and the occasional TV appearance until 2004 when Thomas got his own American showing on PBS, starting off with Season 8 of Thomas & Friends all the way to the Thomas and Friends 2017 special, Journey Beyond Sodor.

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