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Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin is a VHS featuring a third season episode and a Schemer Presents! episode.


ALL ABOARD! As Mr. Conductor's double stirs up trouble, Shining Time may never be the same. Kara brings Mr. Conductor's evil twin magically to life. He's supposed to help clean up a mess, but only creates a bigger one. He sends Stacy and Billy on a wild goose chase and creates a giant nickel that has Schemer on the run. But worst of all, he has plans to destroy the nice Mr. Conductor. Will Kara be able to warn Mr. C in time for a visit from J.B. King?

Joint all your favorite friends as everyone learns from their mistakes including Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends


  1. Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin
  2. Schemer Presents!: The Meaning of Time

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