Nickel in a Pickle is the thirteenth episode of the second season.


Schemer gets cocky while running the arcade and injures himself, but milks everyone's sympathy to the point where patience runs thin.

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Thomas Stories

Thomas was behaving like a little tank engine with the mindset of a big kid. His driver commented that Thomas knew just where to stop and could almost manage on his own. That was a joke, but Thomas took the comment with bragging rights. He didn't think he needed a driver to start him, put his breaks on, or blow his whistle. Thomas fooled himself into thinking he was right, when he started moving on his own. It was all the fault of a careless cleaner. Thomas ended up as an uninvited guest to the Station Master’s house for breakfast.
Thomas starts running late after helping some children home when their bus breaks down, and fears of being replaced. His fears increase when hot weather buckles the rails on his branch line, derailing him in the process. With the line temporarily closed for repairs, Thomas is sent to shunt in the yard while Bertie looks after his passengers. Thomas feels he’s lost all his passengers to Bertie, but when his Branch Line is reopened, he realises Bertie was only there to help him, which makes him feel much better.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • My Bonnie lies Over the Ocean


  • Both Thomas stories involve Thomas getting into an accident.
  • The Thomas stories are listed in reverse order in the end credits.


  • When Mr. Conductor greets Dan, Kara and Becky by telling the Thomas story, Thomas Comes to Breakfast, they're in Schemer's arcade. But after the story, they're at the ticket booth.


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