Oh, What a Tangled Web is the second episode of the second season.


Dan and Kara pretend to have jobs and tell Becky that she can have a party in the station. As a result, they eventually run into trouble with Mr. King.

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Thomas Stories

Diesel, thinking Duck was responsible for the Freight Cars laughing at him, spreads rumors about him giving cruel nicknames to the big engines.
James tricks Thomas into thinking he was supposed to take the express, but ends up getting in trouble for it.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Mama Don't Allow


  • In the Fox Family version, some scenes have been noticeably cut down or omitted all together:
    • The Jukebox Band segment was edited out completely.
    • Mr. Conductor's explanation of what happened to Duck after the story was trimmed down.
    • No Joke For James was omitted.
    • The scenes of Dan apologizing to Stacy and Kara apologizing to Billy were edited.
  • In this episode, Becky wears the same blouse that Tanya previously wore back in "Does it Bite?", "Impractical Jokes", and "Is This the End?".
  • Mr. Conductor reveals another Indian Valley landmark: Swan Lake.
  • The Northern Star from 'Tis A Gift makes a return appearance but except Billy mentioned it as the "Highball Express". Footage from Climbing to the Canyon.
  • This is the first episode where Mr. Conductor is onscreen with Schemer, albeit while Schemer is asleep.
  • Aurelio Padron joins the cast, starting off with this episode.
  • Both Thomas stories involve an engine playing tricks on others.


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