Paint The Town Red is the sixth and final episode of Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales.


Mr. Conductor wakes up one morning and tells Missy that he feels it's time to change the colour of his door to change up his every day routine. He paints the doors in various different colours and patterns such as Green, Blue, Striped and Polka Dots with each colour reminding him of a certain engine. Finally he paints his door to its original red colour as he feels it wouldn't feel like home without it. Mr. Conductor and Missy head inside to turn on the radio to listen to a tune.


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  • In one point of the episode, Mr. Conductor says to his pet dog Missy "I once knew a man, who said there was no blue food!" This is a self reference by George Carlin, referencing his 1978 "HBO On Location" special, "George Carlin Again!".
  • This marks the last appearence of George Carlin in anything related to Shining Time Station. As well as the last known Shining Time Station related film until Thomas and the Magic Railroad. 


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