"The ultimate gratification in work is feeling that you're doing something good. We're giving life lessons to children."
— Rick Siggelkow in 1993

Rick in 2015

Rick Siggelkow is an American producer, director and writer. He was the co-creator of Shining Time Station alongside Britt Allcroft. He has also worked on "Noddy Shop", "Ace Lightning", "Dinosapian", "Little People", and the American dub of "The Animals of Farthing Wood". He recently appeared in the 70 Years of Friendship YouTube documentary.

He first called Britt Allcroft in 1986 after Jay Islin, the head of WNET, handed him a videocassette of Thomas episodes that he had brought home from England.

He and Allcroft were the producers for the first season and 'Tis A Gift. Nancy Chapelle became the main producer starting with the second season. He and Allcroft were executive producers for the second and third seasons and The Family Specials. He, Allcroft and Chapelle served as producers for the Jukebox Band series.

Rick had visited Shepperton Studios during the production of the third and fourth seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends to advise Britt and David on how to change the stories around to better suit an American audience.

Rick and Allcroft have been currently trying to get Shining Time Station onto DVD or back on television.

After Shining Time Station, he went to work for BBC Americas Worldwide, where he worked from 1996 until 2008. Since 2014, he has worked for HiT Entertainment.



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