"Oh yes, memories are wonderful. They let you experience a good time over and over again."
— Mr. Conductor to Matt and Tanya

Ring in the Old is the eleventh episode of the first season of Shining Time Station.


Matt and Tanya learn to appreciate old people and realize that they have a lot to share.

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Thomas Stories

While Sir Topham Hatt was on Holiday he met a nice tram engine named Toby. His grandkids had a lot of fun riding around in his coach Henrietta. They are Henrietta’s first passengers in a long time because Toby has all but been put out of business by the trucks. Eventually Toby’s railway had to close. Fortunately for Toby, Sir Topham Hatt has plans for him.

Thomas gets in trouble with a new policeman. He is labeled a regular law breaker for running near public roads without side plates and a cow catcher. Thomas is afraid the others will laugh at him. Sir Topham Hatt gets the idea to bring Toby to his Railway. Toby is a tram engine that does have side plates and a cow catcher.

Jukebox Band Song Segment

  • Train Is A-Coming

Cartoons and Songs

  • Old But Wise
  • In the Good Old Summer Time
  • Musical Memories (1935)


  • Although the Matt and Tanya ask Mr. Conductor about what the stout gentleman's important letter said, it's never revealed.
  • The Jukebox Band's rendition of "Train is a Comin'" features excerpts of Union Pacific 8444.
  • We learn that a train to Turley stops at Shining Time Station three times a day.


  • Schemer: Around here if you don't pull your weight, boom! Into the trash you go!
  • Tanya: What was in the letter?
  • Mr. Conductor: I don't know yet, but for Toby and Henrietta's sake, I hope it's good news. I'm off to find out.
  • Matt: I hope it's good news, I like Toby and Henrietta.
  • Tanya: Me too.


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