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Schemer Alone is a VHS featuring a third season episode and a Schemer Presents! episode.


ALL ABOARD! For fun, scheming, and a lesson on responsibility when Schemer's Mommy leaves him alone overnight!

Schemer's Mommy leaves town for the night and he is left to take care of himself. Outrageous situations follow as Schemer moves into the arcade, takes advantage of everyone, and tries to take care of himself. The result is a hilarious ramp with all your friends from Shining Time, as Schemer learns an important lesson about responsibility and promises.

Join Mr. Conductor, Stacy, the Juke Box Puppet Band, Thomas the Tank Engine, and all your friends for laughs and more exciting surprises, exclusively for home video.


  1. Schemer's Alone
  2. Schemer Presents!: How to Have Style à la Schemer

Thomas Episode


  • This is the only Shining Time Station VHS not to include the Drive-In refreshments ad and the only VHS to have two advertisements instead of just one being Ginny's Apples and Barton Winslow's General Store.


  • The picture of the Thomas story on the back cover is mirrored.
  • The title is incorrect excluding the apostrophe S, this may have been a take on the 1990 film Home Alone.


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