Shining Time Drive-In Theater is a drive-in theater near the station. It is only seen on most of the VHS releases. It is based on a typical 1950s drive-in movie theater and features commercials before the episode begins. Then, the feature presentation card is shown when an episode is about to start. After the episode is shown, the theater shows a short from Schemer Presents! Finally, a closing card that reads, "The End" appears on the screen while the narrator wishes everyone a safe drive home. The drive-in segments were taken from the 1984 short film "Easy Living" by Chip Lord and Mickey McGowan.


Commercials featured on the VHS tapes

Sometimes before an episode begins there would be an advertisement added in by mostly some of the Shining Time cast.

  1. Schemer's Arcade [Featured in Stacy Cleans Up and Bully for Mr. Conductor]
  2. Ginny's Apples of Farmer's Dell [Featured in Schemer Alone and Schemer's Special Club]
  3. Barton Winslow's General Store [Featured in Schemer Alone and Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin]
  4. Perez Pronto Bus Company [Featured in Becky Makes a Wish]
  5. Indian Valley Railroad [Featured in Billy's Party]


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