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Stacy Jones is the bubbly, friendly, and energetic Station Master/Station Manager at Shining Time Station.


Stacy's family has been living in the Indian Valley since the early pioneering days, with her grandmother Gracie becoming the station's first Station Master. Stacy has two married brothers and a single sister named Tracy. She's the proud aunt of Matt and Dan Jones, and has fond childhood memories of her "granny" and growing up in the Indian Valley.

Before becoming Shining Time Station's full-time stationmaster, Stacy was very involved in the theater as an actress. She left the theater out of the sense of responsibility to take over the tradition of running the station. Kind and considerate, Stacy solves problems in her own inventive fashion, and accepts the magic of Shining Time Station as a quirky fact of life. Stacy is one of the handful of adults who knows about and is trusted by Mr. Conductor.

In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, she finds Lily at Shining Time and delivers her to her Grandpa Stone. But even before Mr. Conductor makes his way to the Island of Sodor, she senses there is some danger afoot, and that all isn't going to be well when he goes, considering his diminishing supply of gold dust.


Stacy is bubbly, friendly and energetic, but can be stern when necessary. She is kind and considerate, and often stands out as a voice-of-reason.



  • Stacy has a collection of tea sets.
  • While she doesn't do much in the final film version of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, she had a much larger role in the original cut, as she and Billy Twofeathers try to figure out why Shining Time is beginning to decay after the gold dust's disappearance and P.T. Boomer's arrival and they tried to help Lily reunite with her grandpa Burnett Stone.
  • Her name is a reference to legendary train engineer, Casey Jones.
  • Didi Conn is the only actress who has played Stacy aside from the Japanese dub of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • Her dubbed voice was provided by Shinobu Adachi in the Japanese dub of "Thomas & the Magic Railroad", Liliana Barba in the Spanish dub, and Einat Glixman in the Hebrew dub.
  • Her car that she drove in Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a 1967 Ford Mustang.