Stop the Press is the fourteenth episode of the second season.


The kids write a newspaper, but by mistake, they make up different stories. They learn that news stories are meant to be real ones.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Flexitoon Performers

Guest Starring

It is unknown who played the Mime.

Mentioned Characters

Thomas Stories

Fed up with Percy's cheekiness and constant jokes, Gordon and James trick him into thinking that there are backing signals that tell him to go back.

Henry is too ill to pull his passenger train, and while Thomas offers, he makes a big mistake by leaving without his coaches.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Tennessee Central No. 9


  • Both Thomas stories involve an engine making a mistake.
  • Mr. Conductor tells both stories to Dan, Becky and Kara in this episode.
  • The Thomas stories are listed in reverse order in the end credits.


  • A Big Day for Thomas was mistakenly dated 1986 in the end credits when the episode was made in 1984.


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