The Jukebox is located in Schemer's Arcade and is where The Jukebox Band reside.


The Jukebox Band, live and work in the Jukebox of Shining Time Station.


The Jukebox has appeared in every episode and special. It also appeared in The Jukebox Band (series), it even made a brief appearance in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


  • In Thomas & the Magic Railroad the jukebox makes a brief appearance in the movie however it is a different kind of jukebox as opposed to the one used in the series.
  • After Shining Time Station's production ended, the Jukebox was later reused in the Canadian TV series, The Doodlebops.


The are many areas in the Jukebox:

  • Stage - The place where the band performs.
  • Dressing Room - Where the band hangs out in-between songs.
  • Bedroom - Where the band sleeps.
  • The Vault - Where Tito keeps his nickels. Slots lives here.


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