Like Schemer Presents!, The Jukebox Band of Shining Time Station also had a home video spinoff using all the songs they sung on Shining Time Station. There are two volumes, all starring the Shining Time Station Flexitoon Jukebox Band. There were also some human characters and a new character named JJ Silvers. Mr. Conductor, the rest of the Shining Time Station crew, and all Thomas the Tank Engine characters are not in this spinoff.

Volume 1: A Day in the Life of The Jukebox Band

George Page, the narrator tells the story of the little people who live inside jukeboxes in this documentary like home video.

Volume 2: A Jukebox Lullaby

The band can't seem to go to sleep.

Volume 3: Tribute to JJ Silvers

JJ Silvers reviews the band's past performances.

Note: This home video was unreleased for unknown reasons.



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