The World According to Me! is a VHS of Schemer Presents!, a home video spin-off of Shining Time Station.


  1. How to Get Something Done
  2. How to Have Style à la Schemer
  3. How to Use a Telephone
  4. How to Share
  5. How to be Smart
  6. How to Tie your Shoes


  • Each segment was originally bonus material on VHS releases of regular Shining Time Station episodes.
  • William Colgate (Skip) also appeared as a mover in the Season 3 episode The Joke's on Schemer. By coincidence, Myra Fried (Ms. Smith) also appeared in the same episode as a passenger.
  • The pay telephone on the wall is the same prop featured in Season 3 of the series. The gumball machine in the room is also a borrowed prop from the series. The plate with Schemer's face hanging above the pay telephone is the one seen in the beginning of Season 3's Schemer's Robot. The dollar sign broach in the "How to be Smart" segment is the same one worn by Schemer in Season 3's Schemer's Special Club.
  • A framed collection of combs on the wall confirms Schemer's hobby mentioned in Season 2's Crackpot.
  • This is one of the few Shining Time Station VHS tapes that don't feature Thomas the Tank Engine.