Things that Go Ga-Hooga in the Night is the nineteenth episode of the first season.


Harry tries to convince Stacy that she doesn't need to stay over night in the station to sort out the mail for the Midnight Mail Train by showing her a little invention he made that sorts out the mail automaticlly. Stacy insists that she stays incase something happens. The thought of sleeping in the station gets Matt and Tanya excited as they want to sleep there too. Schemer tries to convince the kids this is a bad idea as there are many scary things in the dark like The Man with His Head on Backwards. Failing to do so Schemer devises a plan to scare the kids that very night.

As night falls the kids have trouble falling asleep as a story from both Harry and Mr. Conductor doesn't help. Matt and Tanya try to get some sleep but are awakend from sounds they hear outside the station. Meanwhile Schemer comes in dressed as a ghost, thinking this wouldn't work he dresses himself up as The Man with His Head on Backwards, but this backfires on him. Soon everyone starts to fall asleep but only after Schemer gets the last laugh by scaring them with a quick "Good night!". 

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Thomas Stories

Percy tells Thomas and Toby a story about a Ghost Train, which he believes haunts the line.  Thomas dismisses the story and calls Percy “a silly little engine”.  Percy is disappointed to find that the story was simply a pretend story, but seizes an opportunity to get back at Thomas after crashing into a stray cartload of lime, which gives him a ghostly appearance.  With Toby’s help, they deceive Thomas into believing that Percy’s “ghost” is coming back to warn them. And when Percy does indeed arrive, Thomas hurries away in fright, too afraid to return to the shed until next morning. Percy and Toby chuckle about their adventure afterwards.
Mr Conductor finishes the story of Percy's tricks. In the Summer, work crews cut the long grass by the lineside. Percy collects the hay for the farmers to use for their stock. The hay collecting makes Thomas late and he grumbles to Percy about it, going as far as calling him “a green caterpillar with red stripes, crawling in the hay till all hours!” Percy decides to make an effort to keep on time, but, while shunting at the harbour, a crate of treacle is upset all over him. Still sticky, Percy hurries up the line to keep time and is caught amidst strong winds, which delay him and cause the flying hay to stick on his boiler and cab. When Percy eventually meets Thomas, to him he looks like a giant Woolly Bear Caterpillar, giving Thomas the best laugh of the day! Still covered in hay, Percy returns home to be cleaned, while Thomas and Toby make jokes about Woolly Bears… Percy is not amused!

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  • Clementine


  • Tanya is shown to have brought a Garfield pillow when she and Matt stay at the station for the night.
  • Nicole Leach said in an interview with SiF that she had fond memories of this episode.
  • Harry's recollections of by footage from Burlington Northern: Portrait of a Railroad and The B&O's 8,000 Mile Birthday Party.


  • Tanya: I think Thomas was silly to imagine that Percy was really a ghost.
  • Mr. Conductor: Our imaginations usually fill up more at night than during the daytime and Thomas has certainly did that night.
  • Mr. Conductor: Percy was quite a sight. It was good, it was daytime. At night I don't know what they would have made of him.
  • Stacy: Is that Schemer?
  • Harry: I do believe it was.
  • Stacy: Were his clothes on backwards?
  • Harry: I do believe they were.



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