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Please visit the Thomas the Tank Engine wiki, upon which Shining Time Station is based.

Thomas is a British blue E2 class tank engine who appears whenever Mr. Conductor blows his whistle on Shining Time Station, especially to start telling stories about him. He runs his own branch line with his faithful coaches, Annie and Clarabel, on the Island of Sodor. Thomas is often cheeky and likes playing tricks, but he does his best to be a Really Useful Engine. When Mr. Conductor had lost his gold dust and Sodor was in danger, Thomas, with help from Lily, managed to bring back the lost engine, Lady, and stopped Diesel 10's evil plans.


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Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales



  • Didi Conn has said that Thomas was her favorite engine.
  • Thomas is the only Sodor engine to be seen at Shining Time (albeit Muffle Mountain).

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