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I've been a huge Shining Time Station and Thomas fan ever since i was born in 1994 even though the original show was cancelled a year prior to my birth i still remember the show extremely fondly next to mid-90's Sesame Street as well as other PBS shows at the time like KCET's Storytime and Arthur it pretty much sparked my intrest in trains as well as how amazing this show was all thought it's 11 year airtime run from PBS to Fox Family to Nick Jr. i have the hopes of one day getting to see it on DVD so i can truely experience STS's first five years outside of YouTube

Favorite Episodes

these are my personal favorite episodes from the show however before i say what they are there aren't really any Season 1 episodes here mostly because i wasn't a big fan of Ringo Starr's Thomas narrations at the time don't get me wrong i still respect them as a true Thomas fan and if it wasn't for him the show wouldn't be as amazing as it is now but my problem with the narration is because of his voice all the characters sound the same while George Carlin and later Alec Baldwin would give the voices a certain personality anyways let's do this

Season 2:

  1. Scare Dares - one great introduction to the second season as well as George Carlin as Mr. Conductor's cousin Mr. Conductor the stories were chosen pretty well and i just love What Am I Afraid of?
  2. The Magic is Believing - while i have a pretty bad recording of it i will say it is one of the first episodes i remember watching at the time and both Edward stories still hold up
  3. Achoo - the episode is still pretty great and it features the first Thomas story i ever saw as a kid albeit on VHS Trust Thomas i still love that story
  4. Field Day - this is one of the earliest episodes i remember having seen the most in my old VHS recordings and it's still a fun episode to watch i love Schemer's antics, i love the Race stories with Percy, Harold, Thomas & Bertie and i love Everyone's a Winner 10/10!
  5. Nickel in a Pickle - i remember seeing the Fox Family airing a long time ago and it was still pretty funny how Schemer gets hurt randomly all because of a simple splinter XD
  6. Double Trouble - normally i don't like episodes where a good character gets blamed for something they didn't do but unlike shows like Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy and a few other shows i like doing this kind of thing this one isn't too meanspirited and i still love it as well as the mischiveous double X3
  7. All's Fair - this episode i also have in a recording but it's from Fox Family and it's still a great episode despite the edits it had i love the pie throwing thing at the end and Home still gives a great atmosphere

Season 3:

  1. Becky Makes a Wish - this is a really fun episode Schemer & Stacy switching personalities is funny to watch as well as all other wishes coming true is really hilarious XD
  2. Schemer Alone - i found this episode by accident along with another at the now defunct Hollywood Video i saw this first and it was just as hilarious as i remember it XD
  3. Bully for Mr. Conductor - Bully PSA's today... they don't really do anything groudbreaking but this episode takes the cake the bully got what he deserved and the victim is feeling much better mostly because he was trying to protect his friend i love this episode so much
  4. Schemer's Robot - well... this episode was a long time coming but i'm happy i finally got to see it i never saw this as a kid but seeing a robot in the show would have gotten me hyped i know it's just a costume but hey it's still an awesome robot!
  5. Billy's Runaway Train - this one is another long time coming i have a recording of this episode which is THE ABSOLUTE WORST! if you watch me on YouTube you'd understand how i feel about this horrible recording no sound just small buzzes when the audio is up high i hated it thank you YouTube magic
  6. Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin - this one kinda sparked my intrest to see Double Trouble because that mischiveous double is still a great character he's the only antogonist in the show and he's still funny X3
  7. Mr. Conductor's Fourth of July - another episode i saw in a Fox Family airing i was mostly intrigued by the special effect where Schemee was invisible after getting hit by Mr. Conductor's gold dust it was pretty cool and this was made YEARS before Mr. Conductor loses his gold dust in the movie
  8. Mr. Conductor's Big Sleepwalk - another Fox Family airing i saw with this one and i still love how funny it is with Mr. Conductor telling his own Thomas stories in his sleep X3

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