Washout is the tenth episode of the second season.


There is a big storm in the Indian Valley. Schemer took out all the signal lights from the store room and put them in the pouring rain. The bridge over the river has been washed out by the storm and the Shining Time Station staff has to find a way to signal the trains that there is no more bridge.

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Thomas Stories

Because Thomas' fireman is too ill to work, Bertie is forced to take his passengers to Edward, but Edward leaves Thomas' passengers behind and Bertie goes through a tough journey of chasing him around the island.

Percy makes a promise to Thomas to look after his passengers while he is taking them to the vicar's sunday school, but it is easier said than done when bad weather floods some tracks ahead and Percy plunges into it and has his fire swooshed out. Luckily, Harold comes to help.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Cumberland Gap


  • Larissa Laskin and Peter Van Wart guest starred as passengers.
  • Both Thomas stories involve an engine getting help from a non-rail character.


  • Some passengers were stranded
  • Kara: If he hadn't,
  • Mr. Conductor: That's reminds me of the time, Bertie saved the day.
  • Dan: When was that?
  • Mr. Conductor: about Bertie's Chase.
  • Dan: So Bertie did saved the day
  • Mr. Conductor: Well, with help.
  • Schemer: (interfering with the kids' shadow puppets) Hey, everybody look! It's a bird with a boot on its head!
  • J.B. King: The situation is critical, you could say bad!



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