Wrong Track is the ninth episode of the second season.


After Stacy is forced to stay at the station and work out new train schedules and miss her highly-anticipated vacation, the kids from Shining Time decide to throw a party to cheer her up.

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Thomas Stories

A new engine named James has an accident and crashes into a cows' field thanks to the foolish freight cars and his old wooden brakes. Thomas saves him by collecting the Breakdown Train to lift him back on the rails and is rewarded his own branch line and two of his own coaches called Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas makes fun of Gordon for his mishap of falling into a dirty ditch. Later, Thomas purposly disobeys a danger sign and falls down a mine, so Gordon has to come and help him. Now Thomas learns to obey orders.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Sweet Betsy from Pike


  • This episode aired on Thanksgiving Day of 1991, despite not being a Thanksgiving-themed episode. Coincidentally, the third season episode Billy's Party would air months before the 1993 Thanksgiving season.


  • When Becky says to Mr. Conductor, "I know! You could use your magic and make me more money," she accidentally flubs her line and corrects herself between the two sentences.


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